5 Essential Tips for Choosing Educational Toys For Your Child

Has this happened to you?

It’s bright, it’s shiny and it’s the latest “Educational Toy” on the market! As a loving and concientious parent you buy this new whizz-bang piece of pseudo educational fodder. You get it home and:

Your child plays it for 5 minutes then abandons it

It falls apart after a few days of child like rough play

or even worse,

You find your toddler with a piece of the toy in his mouth

Follow these 5 tips when choosing your child’s next learning toy to make sure it’s good value and safe for your little one:

1 Is that educational toy safe?

Of course you want your child to be safe when they’re playing with their new educational toy, whether it’s a traditional handcrafted toy or  the latest electronic learning tool.  Make sure that toys are made of safe materials, free of small parts and chemicals that could be harmful to your child.  Ask at the store or email the manufacturer if it’s not clear on the packaging. Some toy companies use dangerous plastics to cut their production costs, which researchers believe may have long-term side effects.

2 Does that educational toys actually teach?

Children have the ability to learn from any type of  educational toy, however some toys are more educational than others. Try to find toys that  not only boost your child’s knowledge base but help them develop further concepts independently.  Doing your homework before buying educational toys for your tot by asking friends and family’s opinions, often, your child’s classmate will already have that toy; ask their parents if they’ve found it to be effective.  Reading customer reviews is another crucial step that will save you from buying a dud.

3. Is the educational toys suitable for your child’s age range?

Yes, I’m sure your child is advanced in their learning development. but be careful about choosing toys that are for an older age range.  Toys that are designed for specific age groups will have undergone testing and research to ensure that the toy is not only safe, but will provide educational benefits to kids of that age.  Read the recommendations and try not to choose toys that are more than 1 year in advance of your child’s age.

4. Is that educational toy fun?

Learning should be fun, especially for kids.  If they’re having fun while learning, they’re more likely to retain that precious knowledge. Whether it’s a new educational console or letter blocks, if children are having fun, then they’ll spend more time playing with that toy which means more learning!

5. Is that educational toy that environmentally-friendly?

Toys that can be partially or fully recycled will earn you extra points in the save-the-planet competition. Will that toy be living for eternity in landfill, emitting harmful chemicals? Toys made from recycled material are  the best choice when it comes to choosing planet-friendly toys. You’ll be  benefiting your children, and generations of children to come.

Take a few minutes before buying that educational toy to see if it can answer “Yes” to the 5 important questions above!

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