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Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System Review – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System Review

Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System

vtech mobigo blue

Kids love handheld games machines as can be seen in the popularity of the PSP and the Nintendo DS, so it’s great that Vtech (and their arch rivals Leapfrog) offer an educational twist to these fun portable devices. Check out the video to find out more:

What are the features of the Vtech MobiGo?

The Vtech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Digital Camera is the latest feature packed camera for kids: Highlights include:

  • Full Color  touch screen
  • Cool slide out QWERTY keyboard
  • One game cartridge included
  • Game cartridges available to purchase
  • Ability to download more games from the Vtech Learning Lodge
vtech mobigo pink
The Vtech MobiGo is suitable for kids aged 3-8 years old and comes in pink or blue.

How durable is the Vtech MobiGo Learning System?

mobigo case blue

Just like the many other  products from Vtech, this is tough. It’s made of soft molded plastic with an easy grip surface to make sure it doesn’t slip from your little one’s hands. There are also rubber feet on the bottom so that the MobiGo stays steady when played on a table or other flat surface. You can  buy a special Vtech MobiGo casewhich comes in pink or blue, which will make sure that your child’s MobiGo stays safe and snug when you’re travelling with it.

Is the Vtech MobiGo easy to use?

Here are the things that make the Vtech MobiGo easy to use:

  • The Vtech MobiGo takes 4 AA batteries – you can even use rechargeable batteries.
  • The battery compartments (there are 2) are slide off compartment meaning that you don’t have to go searching for a screwdriver every time you want to change the batteries.
  • The slide open keyboard is easy for older children to open, but younger children may need some help sliding the keyboard open.
  • The Vtech MobiGo has an easy to use touch screen that your child can use to drag, tap, spin and flick any of the objects on the screen.
  • There’s an EXIT button and a HELP button on the top surface of the Mobi Go which your child can use at anytime to leave a game or get some help in a game.
  • Each game has an EASY or DIFFICULT setting which means younger child can get twice as much benefit from each game as their skills improve.

What free games come with the Vtech Mobi Go?

The Vtech MobiGo comes with a cartridge preloaded with with 6 games which support different curriculum areas:

1 – Space Challenge
Find the number that comes next or solve the math problem to figure out which spaceship to target. Then, tap the spaceship with the correct number!
Curriculum: Number Sequence & Addition
2 – Fantastic Forest
Sam the Squirrel needs your help getting home! Help him cross the woods by drawing the correct lines and shapes.
Curriculum: Lines & Shapes
3 – Shooting Gallery
Use the keyboard to play this game. Knock down the targets by typing in the letters on Easy level. Type the letters in the correct order to spell the word on difficult level. Ready, Aim, Fire!
Curriculum: Letters & Vocabular y
4 – Wild Fun
Tap the animal that’s different from the others! Let’s see how many differences you can spot before time runs out! Ready? Go!
Curriculum: observation
5 – Ice Escape Help the penguin find some fish to feed his hungry tummy! Flick the ice blocks to move them and make a path so that the penguin can get to the fish.
Curriculum: Problem Solving
6 – Music Maestro
Let’s jam to the music! Tap the button in the bottom right corner to choose Game Mode or Free Play Mode. Then tap the song you want to play. In Game Mode, follow the music notes to play the song. Watch the music notes fall from the top of the screen and wait for the piano keys, drums, or guitar strings to change colors. Then, tap the piano keys, pat the drums, or flick the guitar strings to play the instruments at the correct time. In Free Play Mode, just play along with the music!
Curriculum: Music & Rhythm

Can I download more games for the Vtech MobiGo?

vetch learning lodge

Vtech has a complete library of FREE games that can be downloaded onto the MobiGo using the USB cable included and by downloading software which is a bit like iTunes, called the Vtech Learning Lodge Navigator. You can also use this software to track your child’s progress. Some of the themes, games and ebooks currently available include:
Ink Tank
Wild Cards
Mother Duck
Helpless Hippos
What’s the Word?
Hide and Seek Hounds
Number Block Drop
Add ’em up Aliens
Rapid Recycling Animal Match
Happy Farm
Balloon Catcher
Coloring Book
Fruit Fest Shopping Spree
Picture Puzzle
Virus Defender
Keyboard Jam
DJ Beats

What other games can I get for the Vtech MobiGo?

mobigo games
You can buy additional cartridges featuring favorite characters such as Dora, Elmo, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and more! Click here to see the full range of MobiGo cartridges

So how much does the Vtech MobiGo cost?

vtech mobigo blue As you can imagine, the price for such a popular product changes daily. Amazon has free shipping on the Vtech MobiGo, and at times there are competing companies actually on Amazon offering this and other cool kids portable consoles at even lower prices. You can see who’s got the best price today by clicking this link: VTech MobiGo Learning System – Today’s Best Amazon Price.

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