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VTech InnoTab Review | The Kids Tablet War Hots Up! – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

VTech InnoTab Review | The Kids Tablet War Hots Up!

VTech InnoTab

The VTech InnoTab is the new kids tablet  from VTech. Aimed at 4-9 year olds it’s another addition in the “iPad’s for kids” competition. You should also read my LeapPad Explorer Tablet review if you want to find out just how revolutionary these kids tablets are. If you’re a parent who’s looking for an educational device that will finally stop your children from grabbing your iPad, then this could be just what you’re looking for!

According to Vtech:

Kids will get the same quality of experience as grown ups get with their tablet devices!

Check out the video below to see why – be sure to watch to the end to see a mom who actually worked on developing the InnoTab, talk about some of the cool features!


What are the Main Features of the VTech InnoTab?

The InnoTab has the following features:

Screen: The 5″ color high resolution touch screen with a built in tilt sensor.

Power: The InnoTab uses 4 AA batteries which are good for about 8 hours of play, but there is also an A/C adapter available.

Media: The InnoTab not only has a built in MP3 player, but also a built in video player, ebook reader, interactive globe and photo viewer.

Connectivity: The VTech InnoTab has a USB port for  downloading games, ebooks and apps

Apps: The InnoTab comes app ready with an art studio app and an organizer  app which includes a calendar, address book and clock.

Is the  VTech InnoTab like a Kids iPad?

Well the InnoTab, just like it’s arch rival, the LeapPad Explorer, has those handsome iPad looks with it’s swivel around portrait and landscape screen and ability to download apps, but these kids tablets have screens  nearly half the size of the iPad2’s screen and neither the LeapPad Explorer nor VTech InnoTab memory capacity is anywhere near as large as even the basic iPad 2. What makes these kids tablets work so well in comparison to the iPad  is not only that they are made from tough plastic, making them far less fragile than anything Apple has ever manufactured, but that you as a parent won’t have to search through thousands of apps to find something both educational and fun for your child. Both VTech and Leapfrog have made the apps for these new devices which have kid’s learning development in mind.
Screen Size5"5"9.7"
Memory64MB Expandable2GBMin 16GB
CameraNo, but compatible with VTech Kidizoom camerasYesYes
VideoNo, but compatible with VTech Kidizoom camerasYesYes
Cost of Gamesfrom $15from $10N/A
Cost of Paid Appsfrom $5from $5from $0.49


Learning with the VTech InnoTab

As with all the toys that VTech make, the emphasis is on helping your child learn in a fun way. Here’s a list of the top 5 educational features of the InnoTab:

1. E-Reader – the InnoTab’s built in e-reader will help your child build up their phonics, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Interactive stories featuring narrations, characters voices, sounds and music, bring the bright graphics to life. The Inno Tab highlights the words as the story is read or if your child touches that word on the screen. There’s also a built in kids dictionary, to help when your child gets confused about the meaning of a word in the story.


2. Organizer App – This grown up feature will help your child learn days of the week, months of the year and telling the time, all while working with this scheduler. They can also organize family and friends in the address book and use the built in calculator for those quick sums to help build up their practical math skills.


3. Motion Sensor – the motion sensing in the InnoTab adds extra excitement to the graphics rich games. An example of this is the Spelling Pinball game where kids can have fun tilting the InnoTab to spell the words.



4 – Art Studio – The built in Art Studio app will help your child build confidence and creativity as they choose and use the wide range of colors  in their drawings.




5. Interactive Globe – This is my favorite built in app! Your child will love navigating the onscreen globe, then land on a country to find out cool facts about it

What games come with the VTech Innotab?

The InnoTab comes with the following pre-loaded applications:  

  • an interactive, animated e-book,
  • 2 motion games,
  • Art Studio
  • MP3 music player
  • photo viewer and video player,
  • alarm clock, calculator, calendar and an address book.
  • my favorite – the interactive globe!

What other games are available for the VTech InnoTab?

Further apps can be downloaded from the Vtech learning lodge as well as from their own app store. Just connect the InnoTab to your computer using the standard USB cable included.  There are also game cartridges available featuring much loved characters such as Dora and Disney characters. Each cartridge has 3 games, an e-reader and additional activities such as an art activity.


The VTech InnoTab vs LeapPad Explorer?


Both the InnoTab and the LeapPad Explorer are cool looking kid tough devices, but which one should you get for your child?

For the InnoTab

  • The InnoTab is around $20 cheaper
  • The game cartridges are cheaper
  • It doesn’t have a built in camera or video recorder but is compatible with VTech’s cameras and video recorders
  • It has a built in MP3 Player

For the LeapPad Explorer

  • The LeapPad Explorer has a built in camera and video recorder but no MP3 player
  • The LeapPad Explorer has a bigger library of available games
  • LeapPad Explorer games can be adjusted to your child’s ability

If you already have a VTech Kidizoom, then the VTech InnoTab will be the money saving winner for you with its lower price for it’s tablet and games.

However if you want the featured built in camera and video recorder, then you’ll need to choose the LeapPad Explorer

Where can I get the  best price for the VTech InnoTab ?

The VTech InnoTab can be bought from toy shops and online. Amazon is one of VTech’s featured retailers and I usually find they have some great deals on these kinds of educational toys. However the VTech InnoTab is such a hot toy that they were temporarily out of stock. Click here to see the latest deal on Amazon for the VTech InnoTab.


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