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Tell Me About Today Preschool Educational Interactive Colorful Learning Balloon Teaching Fabric Wall Chart Hanging – Weather Calendar Days Of The Week & More

$ 24.75

NEW HOT 6 in 1 Solar DIY Educational Kit Toy airboat Fan Car airplane Robot puppy 72pcs

build 6 different solar powered operating robots and vehicles snape together, no glue required solar windmill, solar revolving plane, solor airboat, 6 kits for the price of one This kit teaches about renewable solar energy and basic mechanical assembly SNAP TOGETHER SOLAR POWERED MODELS INCLUDING AIRBOAT, WINDMILL, PUPPY, CAR AND TWO DIFFERENT PLANES. LEARN ABOUT [Read More…]

Educational Insights Math Whiz

Learn hundreds of math facts – Fast. Fun. Easy Portable ELA quizzes kids on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Works as a full – function calculator at the press of a button Ages 6 and up Learn hundreds of math facts – Fast! Fun! Easy! Math Whiz plays like a video game and teaches like [Read More…]

Elenco Solar Deluxe Educational Kit

5VDC solar cells pre-wired in sets of 3 and mounted in a 5″ x 4″ x 7/16″ black-plastic frames 5 volt DC motor with leads and a mount Another great science kit from Elenco, the Snap Circuit company A fan blade and (4) plastic discs from 5/8″ dia to 2″ dia for mounting on the [Read More…]

Solar Car – World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car – Educational Solar Powered Toy

Solar Powered – No batteries required Solar panel covers the entire roof, and makes this baby fly Excellent for demonstrating solar power in action About the size of a quarter The Mini Solar Racer is a toy car which claims to be the world’s smallest solar powered car. The solar panel allows the car to [Read More…]

Educational Insights Jumbo Uppercase AlphaMagnets -Multicolored

Magnetic jumbo-sized uppercase letters Set contains 42 pieces Each letter is 2 1/2 inches tall Colors include red, blue, yellow, orange, green and magenta Includes sturdy plastic storage tub AlphaMagnets and MathMagnets are shaped accurately with correct proportions, and are made with strong magnets for a ‘sure stick.’ Jumbo pieces are 2-1/2-inch tall for handling [Read More…]