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Scrabble Flash Review: No More Lost Scrabble Tiles! – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

Scrabble Flash Review: No More Lost Scrabble Tiles!

Scrabble Flash


Scrabble Flash box

My 10 year old son loves playing electronic scrabble. He’ll play it on an iPhone, an iPad, on anything he can get his hands on. He loves the fact that he can play on his own against the computer an learn new “Scrabble words in the process as well as not worrying about losing any tiles. When I saw these Scrabble flash tiles I knew that he’d love them! I saw a You Tube video which says that Scrabble Flash “puts a spelling judge inside scrabble tiles” and that’s exactly what it does!

What are the main features of Scrabble Flash?

Scrabble Flash tiles

  • 5 electronic tiles about 2 inch square and 1/2 inch deep
  • 5 x CR2032 “watch batteries” already fitted
  • Sleek black plastic box for storing the tiles

How easy is it to get started with Scrabble Flash?

It’s really easy! The batteries are already fitted, just peel of the plastic film from each tile, flick the plastic switches and you’re ready to start making words.

The key things to remember  are:

  • Touch the tiles together when you’re making words
  • The tiles will flash and beep each time you make a correct word
  • You can play with all 5 tiles or with only 4 tiles (just switch the 5th tile off)

What games can I play on the Scrabble Flash?

Game 1

  • Make as many 3,4 or 5 letter words from the 5 letters displayed on the electronic tiles  in time limit of 75 seconds
  • You’ll score 1pt per word  and max score possibleseconds – each 5 letter word s
  • You get 5 seconds added to the time for each word you make
  • At the end of the game the tiles will display your score AND the maximum score that was possible
  • When playing the 4 tile challenge you aim to make 2,3,or 4 letter words

Game 2

  • Make a 5 letter word from the tiles given
  • The letters will change each time a word is made so you’re making a new 5 letter word each time
  • You can again play the same game with just 4 tiles (great for younger players!)

Game 3

  • Play the same as game 2 except for a group of players
  • Player 1 makes a 5 letter word
  • Play passes on to the next player
  • If a player can’t make a word in the time allowed, the tiles flash up “OUT” and that player is out.
  • Can be played with 4 tiles

What are the pros and cons of Scrabble Flash?


  • I love that the tiles are so compact (the storage box can even fit in a generous pocket!)
  • It’s addictive, you’re going to be playing Scrabble Flash continuously when you first buy it!
  • It’s recommended for adults and kids aged 8+ but even younger children are going to have fun (and get some learning in!) with these electronic Scrabble tiles.


  • Scrabble Flash uses the Scrabble dictionary, which unless you’re a Scrabble expert, contains some really obscure words!
  • The battery compartment needs a Phillips screwdriver to open it – not great if you’re travelling.

Where can I buy Scrabble Flash?

buy scrabble Flash
I found Scrabble Flash on my High Street but it cost nearly half as much again as on Amazon. Click here to find the latest price on Amazon for Scrabble Flash

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