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Ravensburger 1000 piece Augmented Reality Puzzles

How is it possible for a puzzle to be more than a puzzle?  When that puzzle is one of the cool range of Ravensburger augmented reality puzzles it can be.  Have you ever looked at a scene in a picture or on a puzzle and thought about how nice it would be to see the scene come alive?  With these puzzles, that’s exactly what happens.


  • Softclick technology so pieces fit well
  • Twenty by twenty-seven inches
  • Vivid scenes
  • Audio in six languages: English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and German
  • Free AR Puzzle app


Why would you want a Ravensburger Augmented Reality Puzzle?

If your child, who is twelve or older, enjoys constructing 1000 piece puzzles, then making it come alive can be an exciting bonus.  Putting the pieces together is the first part and Ravensburger puzzles are rich in color and detail.  Once the puzzle is completed, use the free
“AR Puzzle” app for an iPad or iPhone to transform the Underwater, Paris or Animals of Africa puzzles into gorgeous and interactive 3D scenes.

With the Underwater puzzle dive into the coral reef with dolphins and fish and be a part of the school as fish swim in and out of view on the screen.  A timed seek-and-find matching game makes the puzzler pay attention to the details of the fish in the scene so they can find them in the puzzle environment and the competitive aspect can be fun too.

Drop in at the watering hole in the African Animals puzzle and see giraffes, elephants and zebras in their habitat and be able to enjoy seeing the beautiful African desert.  Watching the animals as they are eating and walking in the wild makes you think that you are on safari.

Paris with its lights, the Eiffel Tower and Louvre comes alive in this puzzle.  You arrive during the day and soar over rooftops and then with the help of the app, dusk and then night settle so that the lights of the city come on just for the puzzler.  You won’t even need a passport to travel there!

The audio for these puzzles is available in six languages including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and French and the puzzle has the Ravensburger softclick technology so that the pieces fit together well and the image will be clear and will not have a glare no matter the light.

The finished puzzle size is twenty inches by twenty-seven inches big and so it can really transport the puzzler into the action, but not too big to take over the dinning room table.

 What are the pros and cons of the Ravensburger Augmented Reality Puzzles?


  • Soft-click technology for easy to put-together pieces
  • Vivid, detailed and non-glaring image
  • Free AR Puzzle app
  • Use with iPad or iPhone
  • Audio in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and German



  • Only works with iPhone or iPad

These puzzles offer rich and detailed images that invite any puzzler to imagine the world that it depicts.  With the AR Puzzle app that imagined world is brought to life.  Bringing the Underwater coral reef, the city of Paris or the plains of Africa to life lets the puzzler interact with the scene in a whole new way.  With timed games or tours of the city and plains, educational information about the puzzle is included in the experience.  Since a “regular” Ravensburger puzzle is fabulous, adding the technology to engage the 21st century puzzler is ingenious and fun.  These puzzles, designed for ages twelve, and over can be highly recommended for the puzzler in the family or maybe a family of puzzlers. While there is an age suggestion, these can really can be for any age that can manage to build a 1000 piece puzzle.  With children under three, just watch because the pieces can pose a choking hazard.

What people are saying about the Ravensburger Augmented Realty Puzzles:


“This is my second Ravensburger “augmented reality” puzzle. I worked this with a 7-year old and she much preferred the AR features of this puzzle to the Ravensburger “Animals in Africa” puzzle. She also liked the brightly colored graphics. I preferred the Animals in Africa for the clean earthier colored graphics, and the relative simplicity of the puzzle.”—customer from Georgia

“The puzzle is just so very beautiful and the app, well, that’s for the kids. They think it’s cool but adults, well, just so-so. But, who buys a puzzle for that computer stuff anyway? This is well worth buying and using a puzzle preserver on it to frame. It’s quite beautiful. Sure, it’s hard, but worth the three months it took us to build! Highly recommend!”—customer from Ohio


Highlights of the Ravensburger 1000-piece Augmented Reality Puzzles


When you put together these puzzles and add the AR Puzzle app to make them come alive, you may not look at a typical puzzle the same way again. The images are detailed and bright, but there is no glare no matter the light.  The pieces fit well together and the app makes the puzzle become an interactive activity altogether different from just putting the pieces together.  What a reward after placing 1000 pieces in their places.  Not only do you get a great image and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve completed a feat of puzzling perfection, but you also get to go on a trip to the place that you have built in your puzzle.  Move over Mary Poppins, Ravensburger is here.

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