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Oregon Scientific MEEP Pad

A tablet for children should be durable and portable as well as, fun and even educational, if possible.  The Oregon Scientific MEEP Pad has all of those attributes and more.  This device has Internet capability and allows parents to control the web surfing with Cloud based parental controls.


What does the Oregon Scientific MEEP PAD offer?

This tablet is designed for children aged six through ten, which makes it a bit different from others on the market that have slightly younger children in mind with the designs and capabilities.  There is a warning reminding parents of young children that there may be some small parts that can pose a choking hazard, so just be careful.

The MEEP PAD is a portable unit that is under and inch thick and only eight inches long.  It is a bit narrower than some other tablets measuring in at only five and a half inches wide.  The screen is a full seven inches big and is a touch screen. The unit uses an Android operating system and has 4 GB built in memory and an SD card slot for expansion.  With a 1.0 Ghz processor, it is ready to connect to websites with no problem at all.  The WIFI makes it an easy process to get onto the web.

This tablet comes with a silicon skin that can help keep it safe from getting scratched.  It also comes with an HDMI output that allows you to connect the MEEP to your television.  The three megapixel camera is for both video and still pictures.

MEEP comes with fifty apps already on it and ready to play.  The MEEP Online Store makes it easy to access and download many more ebooks, apps and games.  A variety of accessories are also available from a headset to a gaming case and an external microphone to a joystick and even a piano and drums.

While this is a portable unit, leave the batteries at home because it can plug into a wall and charge up.  The cord is quite long to allow for access to any wall outlet.

There is an option for video chat like you can on Skype and this can be a fun activity.  Parents are able to relax while kids are online with the parental controls.  It can be a safe action for them to enjoy.  MEEP can work over the Internet for the chats, but a child can also talk MEEP to MEEP, as well.  Children can add contacts as a friends list and then it is easy to pick someone to chat with from the list.  This can be nice for a parent who travels and wants some communication with her children.

What are the pros and cons of the Oregon Scientific MEEP Pad?


  • Portable:  8X.08X5.5 inches
  • Runs on an Android operating system with WIFI connectivity
  • Parental controls over the Cloud features
  • 4 GB built in memory and SD expansion slot
  • Orange silicon skin included for protection (other colors available in MEEP Online Store)
  • Seven inch touch screen
  • Three megapixel video and still camera
  • Accessories available for purchase like joystick, microphone and piano



  • Software can present some problems with use and set up
  • Updating the unit’s software is time consuming


The MEEP PAD is actually a sophisticated piece of technology that is packaged for children.  As a result, it offers more than other learning tablets for kids.  The WiFi connectivity and chat options are a draw for older children and the accessories make it a more interesting interactive toy.  The customers who purchased the MEEP PAD seemed to be a bit disappointed in the unit because of the glitches for set up and use that make it frustrating because it doesn’t “just work” for people.  Since the performance of the MEEP appears to be less that expected this tablet can be recommended, but not with the enthusiasm anticipated.


Here is what some have said about the MEEP:


“This sounded like a great idea for kids who wanted a tablet but you as a parent wanted to limit them from going to places or seeing things they shouldn’t. The tablet starts fine and works ok but it freezes quite often and you have to restart the whole tablet.”—James N.

“The child safety features are lacking. In particular, the web browser is far from child-safe. The MEEP does offer some level of protection. However, it simply is not a substitute for parental supervision of surfing kids.”—S. Potter

“Overall, it’s a good concept, just not ready for prime-time.”—Caren H.

“Just discovered this product and bought one for my 9 year old son; great price! I thought he may be a little old, but he loves it. Has a bigger screen than his Itouch so it is better for games and movies. He has a lot of fun downloading the apps and games. Would recommend Meep to anyone with kids who does not want to spend a lot on an Ipad, and wants to have a say over what their child can access.”—Fleck


Highlights of the Oregon Scientific MEEP PAD


The MEEP offers a tablet with WiFi and an Android operating system.  It uses downloadable apps and has Cloud parental controls.  MEEP comes with fifty apps so it is ready for fun right out of the box. The built in 4GB memory allows the user to get started with new apps, but there is also an SD expansion slot to add more memory and to even watch videos.   Add accessories like a drum, microphone and piano and joystick or protect your investment with a cool game case.

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