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Mindflex Duel Review: Face the Challenge! – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

Mindflex Duel Review: Face the Challenge!

The Mindflex Duel Game Challenge

What is Mindflex Duel?

Described as the “ultimate head-to-head brain game challenge,” Mindflex Duel is based on the original Mindflex game.  But now two players battle it out with “mind-to-eye” concentration.  Their object is to keep a foam ball in play with their own minds in a challenging (and literal) duel of wits, using incredible technology to tap into the human mind’s telekinetic abilities.

Actually, it doesn’t quite do that.  However, the strap-on headsets with their super-sensitive sensors (connected to ear lobe and forehead) actually can sense brain activity (concentration, in other words)and trigger the game platform’s motors.  Result—the ball moves through space.  No, it doesn’t use “the Force,” it uses the power of concentration.   It’s a hands-free fight, but it bulks the brain (it’s like a bench press for the mind) and sharpens focus to achieve the best in mental battling acuity.

How does Mindflex Duel work? 

The ball rises with a gentle stream of air.  Then it’s up to the two players to concentrate, sending the blue ball through a series of obstacles, including stationery and spinning hoops, jet stream hurdles and chutes.  As they play, kids can literally “sense” the ball on its way through vertical and lateral moves, while Mental Activity Meters measure brain-activity levels.

Once the original course is mastered, the duelists can create all kinds of mind-bending obstacle courses to challenge each other, as well as being able to master five games that are literally mind-boggling (for ages eight and up).

Mindflex duel on a rainy day? 

Your child can play solo battles and set up his own most challenging obstacle courses to “train up” for the next time he mentally dukes it out.  Or, you can sponsor a “rainy-day Mindflex tournament,” with two units or more, for co-op and neighborhood mental melees.  Arrange the obstacles in the most challenging way you can, and let them have at it!

What kind of educational games can kids play with Mindflex Duel?

With games like Power Push (who will put the ball into the end zone first?), Race the Lights (a mental race against the platform itself), Basketblaster (shooting as many baskets as they can), Tug of War (imagine two warring minds battling for space on the board) and Mental Marathon (the ultimate obstacle course), your children will be enthralled, and mentally stimulated, for hours at a time.

What do the reviewers say about Mindflex Duel?

Reviewers of the game gave it a solid 5 stars overall:

“The concept,” said one mother, “is a lot of fun, gives my son another outlet for his ADHD and works great at parties. . . he and his friend can play, have fun . . . it assists him with his attention issues. . . the social aspect really takes it to the next level.”

Other reviewers mentioned spectator advantages: “A blast . . . the dueling mode is where the game really shines . . . it is hilarious watching the faces people make to concentrate.”

Mindflex Duel Game’s popularity is a no-brainer!

Where can I get the best price on Mindflex Duel?

As you can imagine, the price for such a popular product changes daily. Amazon has free shipping on Mindflex Duel, and at times there are competing companies actually on Amazon offering this and other cool Mindflex products at even lower prices. You can see who’s got the best price today by clicking this link: Mindflex Duel – Today’s best price on Amazon

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