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LeapPad Explorer Tablet Review – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

LeapPad Explorer Tablet Review

The LeapPad Explorer Tablet is the latest handheld educational device from LeapFrog. Aimed at 4-9 year olds it’s being called the “iPad for kids” As a mom of 4 who is always getting her iPad taken by my kids, this new learning tablet from LeapFrog is destined to become a hot seller this year and beyond! Check out the video below to see why!

What are the Main Features of the LeapPad Explorer?

The LeapPad Explorer has the following features:

Screen: The 5″ color high resolution screen uses “finger touch” technology so your child gets to directly control what’s on the 480×272 resolution screen.

Power: The LeapPad Explorer uses 4 AA batteries which are good for about 8 hours of play, but there is also an A/C adapter available.

Media: The LeapPad Explorer has not only a built in camera, but also a built in microphone and video recorder. There’s also a headphone jack for peaceful game playing and a stylus for precision on-screen writing.

Connectivity: The LeapPad Explorer has a USB port for uploading photo, videos and downloading apps

Apps: The LeapPad explorer comes app ready with 4 apps included in the price.

Is the Leap Pad Explorer like a Kids iPad?

Well the LeapPad explorer certainly looks like an iPad with it’s portrait screen and ability to download apps, but its screen is nearly half the size of the iPad2’s screen and the LeapPad Explorer memory capacity is nowhere near as large as even the basic iPad 2. What makes this kids tablet a winner against the iPad  is not only that it stops your kids from stealing your iPad, but that it’s rugged, kid friendly and the apps are made with children’s learning development in mind.
Screen Size5"9.7"
Memory2GBMin 16GB

Is the LeapPad Explorer durable?

The solid LeapFrog signature green and white (or pink and white) tough plastic casing means that the LeapPad explorer can handle a few knocks, but anyone who’s ever water damaged their iPhone knows that water is the secret enemy of these hi tec electronic devices. In fact the instrution booklet warns that the LeapPad Explorer may stop working if water is poured on it (although it’s OK to wipe it with a damp cloth). The LeapPad Explorer comes with a standard (but very welcome) 12 month warranty. There’s also a carry case available.

Learning with the LeapPad Explorer

This is where the LeapPad Explorer will have you getting out your credit card to order it straight away! There are already 100 apps available for the LeapPad Explorer and anyparent who’s ever tried to find a decent educational game on the Apple app store knows that the word “educational” doesn’t always mean your child will learn from that game. Well LeapFrog have changed this. Their App Center not only has educational games, but by using the included LeapFrog Connected Application’s adaptive learning technology, you can see exactly what skills your child is working on, how the work compares to their grade level and get suggestions on what games will help continue your child’s progress.


Some of the games take the adaptive learning even further allowing parents to build customized spelling lists and spelling targets (for example in the Wolverine and X-Men game) or to target specific math skills such as subtraction of 2-digit and 1-digit numbers (for example in the Tinker Bell game) This feature works well for studying for an upcoming school quiz .

My favorites are the Book Apps which adjust the level of the story based on your child’s reading ability and have really cool audiovisual clues to help your child with their reading.

Fun with the LeapPad Explorer

The main fun center for the LeapPad Explorer is the Creativity gallery. You can upload, view and print the art work and storybooks that your child has created. You can even share them straight to Facebook! The Creativity Gallery is also the place to upload and view the videos that you little one has made.

What games are available for the LeapPad Explorer

The LeapPad Explorer comes with the Pet Pad App preloaded. The Story Studio App (where kids create books using the photos they take, the art they make, the writing they do and the audio they create) and the Art Studio App (a drawing and coloring app) are free downloads from the App Center along with 1 other game of your choice.

Not only are there apps which cover favorites such as phonics, spelling, math, geography and science, but the LeapFrog App Center also offers apps that will develop your child’s artistic skills, foreign language skills and life skills (no more nagging to get those teeth brushed!) Your child will also be excited to see their favorite characters featured. There are games based on  Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars 2, Toy Story 3, Disney’s Tangled, Ben 10 and more!

The LeapFrog App Center looks just like Apple’s App Store, with app icons and titles laid out across the screen, with a categorized sidebar menu, making it super easy to find the app you want. Apps can be bought from the LeapFrog App center using a credit card or an app center or leaplet download card or code.

What are the Pros and Cons of the LeapPad Explorer?


The LeapPad Explorer looks great doesn’t it? I love the way it’s taken the kid friendly ideas from the iPad and put them into this rugged educational made-for-kids device. I also love the way the apps have been developed to make learning fun for kids as well as letting parents keep abreast of their child’s learning. As a teacher and mom of 4 kids, I think this is a great feature!


What is going to be a problem with the LeapPad Explorer will be the cost of the apps. These are not 99c apps. At the moment game cartridges are $25 and apps are from $7.50. However I can see aunts, uncles and grandparents wanting to buy these educational games for their special ones!

LeadPad Explorer vs Leapster Explorer. How do they compare?

The LeapPad Explorer is the bigger, more hi-tech version of the Leapster Explorer. All the previous Leapster Explorer apps are compatible with the new LeapPad explorer (except Photo Mania) but the new LeapPad Apps aren’t compatible with the older Leapster Explorer. See how else they compare in the table below:

Screen Size5"3.2"
Screen Resolution480x272320x240
Motion SensorYesNo

Where can I get the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer from?

The LeapPad Explorer can be bought from toy shops and from LeapFrog.com. Amazon is one of LeapFrog’s featured retailers and I usually find they have some great deals on these kinds of educational toys. However the LeapPad Explorer Explorer Tablet is such a hot toy that they were temporarily out of stock. Click here to see  if  it’s back in stock and to see the latest deal on Amazon for the LeapPad Explorer.

Leapfrog are selling great value LeapPad Explorer Bundles which include the LeapPad Explorer Tablet, a $40 App Center Card or a $20 App Center Card and 2 cartridge games. Check out the LeapPad Explorer Bundles on LeapFrog’s website.


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