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LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer

This learning tablet is a new version of the three to nine year old Explorer.  This one comes with five apps that make the learning begin right out of the box.  Your child can listen to music, watch videos, read eBooks and more all while looking like a grown up with their tablet.  With the leveled reading opportunities and the over three hundred cartridges and downloads available for other activities, your child will be leaping into learning in no time!



  • Front and back cameras that shoot video and still images
  • Over 2500 skills are highlighted in math, science, reading, writing, games, health, art music, world cultures and more
  • More than 325 cartridge and downloadable activities and games
  • 4GB of memory
  • Runs on batteries or with recharging unit sold separately


Why buy the LeapPad2?

The LeapPad2 by Leapfrog inspires creativity by offering so many learning opportunities on various subjects and topics. From geography to writing letters with a stylus, this portable unit is the perfect size for a preschool child or older.

This tablet can be used by tapping or touching the screen and using the stylus, but it can also allows the child to shake, turn or twist the tablet for certain activities.  The motion-based play involves kids on many levels.

There are many ways to add activities to this tablet, so the learning won’t become stagnate and the unit itself can be used with cartridges or with downloadable activities, so that the options to keep the learning fresh are plentiful.  Leapfrog has a great line of activities and many are compatible with some of their other devices.

While bigger than other handheld games, at only seven inches long and under five and a half wide, this is still able to be stored, packed or popped in a pocket with little problem. While the unit itself is pretty sturdy, the available protective skins and cases can keep it in good shape longer.

Using batteries makes it easy to use on the go without being tethered to a wall outlet, but there is an optional recharging kit that can be purchased to make stocking spare batteries unnecessary.

What are the pros and cons of the LeapPad 2?


  • Portable
  • Fun protective skins available
  • Large activity assortment available (over 325)
  • Downloadable and cartridge apps
  • Touch, tap, shake or twist and turn to interact and control LeapPad2
  • Practice with over 2500 learning skills
  • 5 free apps included
  • Recordable story feature
  • Front and back cameras with video
  • Recharging unit sold separately



  • Changing batteries if not using recharging unit
  • Must purchase game cartridges in addition to unit price


What are customers saying about the LeapPad2?

The LeapPad2 is appears to be another hit for LeapFrog.  They have updated this version somewhat and with the optional recharging unit, it is a better travel companion because there is no extra battery weight to lug around with you.  Most people seem to be satisfied with the product.  A few people found the screens to be cracked when coming from box or cracked after few uses, but the customer service team seems responsive to client needs.

“Overall, I think the Leap Pad2 is another winner and a product I will highly recommend to other parents/grandparents. With all the iPads and Kindles and Nooks and Android phones and tablets, it’s nice for kids to have a tablet of their own that provides age-specific activities, well made and durable so that parents can allow their kids to play with it freely without fear of breaking or ruining.”—customer from Illinois

Most customers had concern about the apps being a bit overpriced and some also expressed frustration around the LeapFrog dollars to purchase the apps.  Since the dollars are purchased in twenty dollar increments, an app for twenty-five dollars actually requires a forty dollar investment, but you can use a credit card to solve this problem.

Some customers commented on the cost of the recharging kit.  Most found it to be around forty dollars and they were disappointed with that price tag for a battery pack, especially when you have to purchase the unit and the activities to use.

“I bought the LeapPad 2 for my 3 year old son. He enjoys it but, by the time you pay $24 each for some of the games, another $60 for a case and recharging battery unit, you can have $250 wrapped up in this thing pretty quickly.” –customer from Kansas

Overall, the LeapPad2 seems to be a well received learning tablet.  If people have had the earlier version of the LeapPad, they are impressed by the faster CPU and the video quality. The customizable reading levels can be a nice feature for children sharing the unit.


Highlights of the LeapPad2


The LeapPad2 is a great learning tablet that offers activities in reading, math, science, world cultures and many apps in art and music that foster creativity and personal expression.  It can be used with cartridges or with downloadable apps and is designed for children from ages three to nine.  The customizable reading levels make it perfectly suited for each level. It can be used by touching the screen, using the stylus or shaking, tapping and turning and twisting the unit to respond to the activities. With the available recharging set up, you can leave the batteries at home.

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