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Just When You Thought You Were Safe on Land . . . The Air Swimmer Floating Shark Strikes! – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

Just When You Thought You Were Safe on Land . . . The Air Swimmer Floating Shark Strikes!

Air Swimmer Floating Remote Control Shark

What is the Air Swimmer Floating Shark?

The Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark is literally the return of Jaws, that beastie that, way back in the seventies, kept beaches deserted and diving masks dusty.

It’s a remote-controlled balloon, but it’s much more durable than a balloon.  And it comes in the shape of a shark, for great family fun; just to keep the swimming safe, you do NOT put it in the pool.  It’s for indoor laughs and entertainment, moving up, down and around a full 360 degrees, from a range up to 40 feet.   It will “swim” through the air, bouncing off walls and curtains, and will NOT break, deflate or explode! It’s recommended for kids aged 7 – 99! Check out this video of the Air Swimmer Floating Shark.

How does the Air Swimmer Floating Shark work?

It’s filled with helium—and can be refilled over and over—and will stay inflated for two weeks.   It joins the Air Swimmers happy family of Nemo-like Clown fish that have proved so popular for kid play and at children’s parties, as it swims the air with incredible life-like movements.  The remote control (infra-red) can control the side, front, lateral and backwards movement—it even makes the tail swing.

A Helium Tank can be purchased separately to top up any of the Air Swimmer products.

Fun with the Air Swimmers Shark?

It’s a big hit at a family get together; BBQ some seafood outside with the adults while you keep the kids happy with Sharkey inside.   Or bring it to a children’s party to be the hit of the event (be aware of the small parts’ choking hazard for children under 3).

At nearly 5 feet in length, 3 feet tall, it’s definitely the whopper that didn’t get away from you.  And just to be safe, do turn off that ceiling fan before you release Sharkey into the wild.  And expect wild reactions from anybody who walks in and sees it!

How do the reviewers like the Air Swimmer Shark? 

Amazon reviewers give it four out of five stars on average.   Most of them consider it “way cool . . . people who see it flying are intrigued and delighted . . . hours of entertainment and soooo many great applications (I enjoy flying mine at the high ceilinged local bar).”

Others noted some disadvantages:  “—does not work outside . . .too many air currents . . .it does not work in small apartments or small rooms because it’s too darn big. . . you need high ceilings, an auditorium or a . . . basketball court to use this.”

Another disadvantage that reviewers noted was the assembly: “you need to be somewhat adept at assembling delicate things to build this from the kit . . . the video is highly recommended . . . make sure you have a second person to help.”


But others were overwhelmed by the product:  “Wow, it really flies! . . . you can steer wherever you want . . . unlike many flying toys, this one really works . . . everybody’s first reaction upon seeing it is to yell out a four-letter word!”

Overall, customer satisfaction is excellent, and the Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark,  seems to be swimming high!

Where can I get the best price on the Air Swimmer Remote Control Floating Shark?

As you can imagine, the price for such a popular product changes daily. Amazon has free shipping on the Air Swimmers Floating Shark, and at times there are competing companies actually on Amazon offering this and other cool remote control products at even lower prices. You can see who’s got the best price today by clicking this link: Air Swimmer Remote Control Floating Shark: Todays Best Price on Amazon

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