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Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Camera Review – Learning Toys Buzz Educational Toys and Games Reviews

Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Camera Review

Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Camera


For those of you with kids who love taking pictures on your camera, iPad or phone, the Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself could see you child surrendering your latest gadget in favor of this fun, kid friendly, feature packed device. The 180 degrees swivel lens is the highlight of this camera and is designed to compete directly with the VTech Spin and Smile Camera. Let’s look at the Kid Tough See Yourself in detail.

 Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Digital Camera Features

The Kid Tough See Yourself is the latest digital camera from Fisher Price. It is available in purple and black and is suitable for children aged 3-7 years old. Check out the main features below:

  • 1.8” TFT LCD l Color Screen
  • 180 degrees Rotating lens
  • Photo Resolution: 1280 x 960
  • Video Size: 640 x 480
  • Focus Range: minimum 1 ft (0.3m)
  • Zoom: 4 x Digital zoom
  • Memory: 256 built in memory which stores 1300 photos or 5 minutes of video
  • Supports normal SD and SDHC cards of 1-32GB (not included)
  • Weight: 10.5 oz / 298g(without batteries)
  • Low light performance – no flash needed

How Durable is the Kid Tough See Yourself Camera?

As the name suggests, this is definitely a “kid tough” camera. Parents who have bought this camera have confirmed that it still works perfectly even after being dropped several times. As with other electronic toys, the manufacturers warn against immersing the toy in liquids, but wiping it with a damp cloth will easily remove any grubby finger marks. The buttons on the camera are also laid out in a way so that although they are easy for kids to press, they’re also slightly recessed so the camera won’t accidentally turn on if knocked around in a bag.

What do all those buttons on the Kid Tough Digital Camera Do?

The buttons on the Fisher Price Kid Tough camera are nice and big, making them easy for kids to use. They’ve also got icons printed on then so your child doesn’t need to be able to read to figure out what each button does. So what exactly do those buttons do?

  • Power/Mode Switch – for turning the camera on/off and selecting modes on screen
  • Swiveling Lens – to take pictures at different angles
  • Shutter Button – for taking pics and video recording
  • Stop button – for stopping the video recording
  • Zoom/Scroll Buttons – For zooming in/out and scrolling through the on screen options
  • Delete button – for deleting photos (it does ask on screen if you’re sure you want to delete before it actually trashes the picture/video)
  • Select button – to chose the highlighted on screen option
  • Special Effects button – to add special effects to existing photos or to take a picture with a special effect


How Practical is the Kid Tough See Yourself Camera?

The Kid Tough runs on 4 AA batteries, the most easily available batteries. You can even use rechargeable batteries (although you shouldn’t mix rechargeable and non rechargeable batteries) The battery compartment is accessed through the underside of the camera. You’ll need a screwdriver (or a flat blade such as a knife) in order to access it which may be a hassle if you’re changing the battery when you’re out and about.

The SD card is found in the same section as the battery compartment. One thing to be careful about is not using an SD card that has files stored on it from other devices. The Kid Tough is set up to erase files on newly inserted SD cards (although it’s fine if you’ve used the SD card before in the Kid Tough)

Pictures can be downloaded to a mac or PC using a USB cable (although this is not included). There’s also Kid Tough software available to download so your child can add even more effects to their pictures, although this software is not compatible with Macs.

Fun and learning with the Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Digital Camera

The highlight of the Kid Tough See Yourself camera is the “see yourself” feature. Kids will love learning how to take self portrait pics and how to line up themselves with the special effects frames built in to this Kid Tough camera. The LCD screen will help your child make the perfect shot.The video recording (with sound) means that your child can be the presenter on their own video or turn the lens around to feature their friends, family or toys!

What are the Pro and Cons of the Kid Tough See Yourself?


  • Big, bold buttons make this Fisher Price camera simple for kids to use
  • The rotating lens is great fun for kids
  • Software not compatible with Macs

VTech Kidizoom Spin and Smile vs Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself

Check out the table below to compare the Kidizoom Spin and Smile and the Kid Tough See Yourself
vtech kidizoom spin and smile
Kidizoom Spin and Smile
Video with sound
Rotating Lens
Spinning Lens
Screen size
Photo Resolution
Video Size

1280 x 960
640 x 480

320 x 240
GamesNone5 using pictures that your child has taken themselves
SoftwareBuilt in Photo editor
Downloadable editing software (not Mac compatible)
Built in Photo editor
Downloadable editing software (Mac and PC)
Storage256 MB Internal memory
SD card compatible up to 32GB
256 MB Internal memory
SD card compatible up to 16 GB
How much does the Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Cost?
As you can imagine, the price for such a popular product changes daily. Amazon has free shipping on the Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself, and at times there are competing companies actually on Amazon offering this and other cool kids digital camera at even lower prices. You can see who’s got the best price today by clicking this link: Best price for the Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Camera









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