Color Tablets (Instruction Manual Included)

  • Includes a FREE Instruction Manual Written by Officially Accredited Montessori Educators!
  • Child Safe! Meets and/or Exceeds all US Child Safety Standards and Regulations, Premium Wood with Non-Toxic Water-Based Finish
  • Made Based on the Official Montessori Materials Blue Prints
  • Brings Montessori Education to Your Home!
  • Fun AND Educational

Assist your child in early child development with the Color Tablets and FREE Instruction Manual written by officially, accredited Montessori Educators! The Color Tablets teach children the primary and secondary colors, helps to improve order, independence, and concentration. This item includes pairs of each color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Brown, Pink, Black, Grey and White in a wooden box with lid. Each Tablet has white frames for handling color tablets. Color Cards and Color Wo

$ 19.95

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