See Saw Sorter

Ages 1 & up Stack the shapes to create a balanced platform Shapes fit snugly in routed holes Promotes color and shape recognition, balancing, color-matching, and sequencing Rounded corners and smooth edges Ages 1 & up. Stack the shapes on opposite ends of the see-saw to create a balanced platform. Shapes fit snugly in routed [Read More…]

Original 24 Game Cards Single Digits

Object: Make the number 24 using the four numbers on a game card. To accomplish by add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all 4 numbers, but only once. There at least 1 solution, can be more than 1 way to solve. 3 levels of difficulties. 48 cards 96 combinations. Solve the image card: 1x2x4x3; 2x3x1x4; [Read More…]

Buckle Toy “Buster”

Child-Friendly Buckles Promotes Cognitive Development Easily attaches to any diaper bag, stroller, or highchair Winner of Dr. Toy’s “Best Toddler Travel Toy” 2010 Creative Child Magazine 2010 “Preffered Chioce Award” Winner Buster the Square offers a variety of bright colors, shapes, numbers and 6 child-friendly buckles to keep your little ones attention anywhere. All Buckle [Read More…]