9 Cool Digital Camera Projects for Young Kids

Kids love cameras, whether it’s the built-in type on their parents mobile phones or whether it’s their very own kids digital camera, like the Kidizoom Plus or the Disney kids digital cameras. If your kids, like mine, are experts at taking hundreds of random photos, here’s 9 cool digital camera projects that will ¬†help focus [Read More…]

Scrabble Flash Review: No More Lost Scrabble Tiles!

Scrabble Flash   My 10 year old son loves playing electronic scrabble. He’ll play it on an iPhone, an iPad, on anything he can get his hands on. He loves the fact that he can play on his own against the computer an learn new “Scrabble words in the process as well as not worrying [Read More…]

Vtech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Review: Is this THE Best Kids Digital Camera?

Vtech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Digital Camera As the owner of a Vtech Kidizoom Plus, I’m excited to see that Vtech have brought out a new kids digital camera with even more features, the Vtech Kidizoom Spin and Smile. This is a great camera for those families who want a camera with great photo taking [Read More…]

Tell Me About Today Preschool Educational Interactive Colorful Learning Balloon Teaching Fabric Wall Chart Hanging – Weather Calendar Days Of The Week & More

$ 24.75

Hoberman: Mini Sphere – Rings

Expands from 5.5″ to 12″ No assembly required Includes 21 Cool Things To Do game sheet Toss back and forth with a friend Great conversation piece Mini colorful linking rings expand or contract with the touch of your finger. Toss it back and forth, flip or bounce it. Expands from 5″ to 12″. Ages 4 [Read More…]

NEW HOT 6 in 1 Solar DIY Educational Kit Toy airboat Fan Car airplane Robot puppy 72pcs

build 6 different solar powered operating robots and vehicles snape together, no glue required solar windmill, solar revolving plane, solor airboat, 6 kits for the price of one This kit teaches about renewable solar energy and basic mechanical assembly SNAP TOGETHER SOLAR POWERED MODELS INCLUDING AIRBOAT, WINDMILL, PUPPY, CAR AND TWO DIFFERENT PLANES. LEARN ABOUT [Read More…]